Tuesday, September 28, 2021

DBMM Battle Report - War of the Roses Yorkists vs. Burgundian Ordonnance

 Today the Yorkists make their tabletop debut. 400AP game between contemporaries- War of the Roses English and Burgundian Ordonnance.

I’ve set up an 8’ x 6’ representative of 15th Century England and will give Josh the Bold choice of sides.

The Yorkist lines drawn up. Big Warwick command in center with Edward of March behind. Norfolk on the left.

The Burgundian lines. Pike and blade near camera. Crossbow and artillery in distance. Also a mounted command under Charles the Bold (“he of the halberd haircut”) - gendarmes, mounted bow and some LH

The Burgundian lines

Charles leads the gendarmes in an attempt to outflank the Yorkist lines

The Light Horse move around the forest to threaten the Yorkist baggage

Newly painted body wagons - the 15th century St Johns

Warwick roars forward. Low Countries pike to the front

Norfolk moves forward to counter the advancing CtB and his knights

While the Currours chase the light horse

The lines close to Yorkist longbow range

The tricky Light Horse turn on the Currours

The retinues of Warwick and March start to strip the front rank pikemen while the longbow on the right retire through the MAA who now face the Bd(O)

Handbags continues on the far side of the forest

The two lines contact as the Burgundians charge in

And still they flap

The crossbow and artillery have started to extract a toll on the Shire

The Burgundian guns are getting the odd shot at Norfolk and Warwick but they do enough to survive. Finally the mounted bow cross the river and start to move onto the bridge to outflank the Yorkists.

The center is starting to swing heavily in the English favour as MAA start to come to the fore.

Holes start to appear and the Burgundian SG repositions to cover. About now the center breaks and in so doing disheartens the bow/artillery command.

However the Shire Levy casualties are starting to mount up as well.

Charles sends the gendarmes into Norfolk’s command, who have expanded and are now in single rank. 

The gendarmes have a nightmare. Charles sticks. One knight flees and two die.
The Burgundian army is 0.5 ME from breaking

The Currours fail....again

Norfolk bow into flank of Charles. Quick kill either way. Despite Charles rolling a 1 it is a stick

The Burgundian SG kills the MAA disheartening Warwick’s command

But the Shire Bill with a flanking Norfolk kill the crossbow to break the Burgundian army

The Burgundian guns look out on the desolation.

Great fun and nice to have two contemporary armies go at one another.
Close in the end with the English holding on despite Warwick’s command being disheartened

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