Thursday, September 30, 2021

DBMM - Viking Fleet Refloated

 Twenty years ago I ran a Viking army in  15mm DBM. In those rules you need to a have a fleet of a certain size to ensure you had access to a waterway.

To this end I bought and painted eight Viking longboats. These were a metal model from Essex Miniatures - I think they were pretty much the largest 15mm model Essex did at the time. This gave me the fleet I needed and allowed me to attack by sea and Viking!!

As I drifted away from historical ancient wargaming these models were shelved in boxes, drawers, storage cases etc. Two of them were given to my old gaming buddy the late Rob Cameron for one of his armies.

Last weekend I rounded up all the bits from around the how and started the process of rebuilding them. They were in various states of disrepair. Amazingly, I found all the pieces for boat, crew and stowage bar one stern decoration. They are now all but together and ready to take their place in my 15mm and 28mm Viking armies. 

The six remaining Viking longboats ready for some painting "touch-ups".

Each boat has rudderman, eight rowers and stowage. They come with furled sails and under "oar".

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