Saturday, December 20, 2008

2008 New Zealand GT - Wood Elves

Over the weekend played at Guardcon’s Fields of Blood (which was a replacement for the NZGT). I took my Woodies, making several small changes to the list I used at CTA to hopefully better deal with the Daemon armies I expected to face.

Game 1 – Mark McCool (Brets)

Game was characterized by two highlights. First my fleeing eagle-mounted noble surviving a direct hit treb shot that misfired followed by a second hit that rolled “1”. Invigorated by this, he proceeded to run down the fleeing Bret pegs who failed a Terror test.
The second was my Treeman Ancient dying on the last roll of the game after eight rounds of combat with a Bret Lord she wounded once.

Win 13-7

Game 2 – Josh Warne (Tomb Kings)

Again two highlights. Me burning both my scrolls on Turn 1 to ensure that my Wild Riders were able to charge a corner sitting SS catapult turn two. Once gone this allowed my Treelady to emerge. She chewed through an archer unit and then was charged by the Tomb King and his TG retinue. On the second round of combat I proceeded to kill him, rolled 10 for The Curse and Josh rolled a “6”. A new and entertaining way to lose 500 points.

Win 14-6

Game 3 – Marcello Roccou (Brets)

Turn back the invading infidel! Again there were a number of moments of note. The failure of my Hail of Doom on the Pegs; A redirected charge into a unit of Errants with Wild Riders where the odds were with Marcello (+2 CR going in) but I survived and broke him second round. I was unlucky however when a unit of Wild Riders went into the rallied pegs and Marcello killed my BSB and held in combat then rolled me in the second round. The odds said it was mine but luck can be a fickle friend.

I then made the mistake that probably cost me the win. Rather than retire my Wild Riders with captured banner to the far corner I went in search of cheap points….bad decision that eventually cost 374 points as Marcello skillfully hunted them down and killed them.

Marcello was unlucky early with a failed charge by his Bret Lord on my Treelady who buggered off to kill some Grail Knights (eventually). This was the first game in awhile where the Treelady hasn’t died.

Draw 10-10

Game 4 – Ray O’Connor (Daemons)

A triple mix of daemons led by GUO with regeneration and the usual suspects – flamers, horrors, Tz herald, unit of Plaguebearers led by Palaquin Herald BSB with Hellfire Banner. Ray had 11 PD and 8 DD.
I managed to kill everything but the GUO and the Herald led Plaguebearers (for little loss) but this only netted me 965 points. I did get a banner and three quarters though.

Win 15-5

Game 5 – Simon Kwok (Dwarfs)

Simon said that his initial list had been returned (16 PD Tz daemons) and so instead he took a Dwarf list. He had runed up infantry blocks of Longbeards, Hammerers and Warriors, Oathstone etc backed up by runed bolt throwers, emplaced organ gun, big block of miners, Thunderers, gyrocopter and the Anvil.

Unfortunately for me Simon deployed in a 15” area on a hill in the corner and gave me the first turn. I managed to damage the gyrocopter which I later killed. I then only had to survive six turns of anvil goodness. I lost a unit of Wild Riders and half units of Wardancers and Glade Guard. I did manage to surf some dryads into his quarter and defused the Miner charge threat.

Last two turns Simon marched infantry forward so he could Anvil them into quarters on last turn.
The game was over in 35 minutes with Simon slightly ahead on points. Pretty hard game for Woodies but them’s the breaks in the big city.

Draw 10-10

Game 6 – Doug Rosendale (Ogres)

Great to finally play Doug. His army was based around the firepower of his Maneaters led by Tyrant and bruiser and four units of Leadbelchers. With a lot of longer ranged shooting I was likely to have an early advantage. I played a refused flank with my archers and put my fast stuff on the other flank up against slavegiant, Hunter and gnoblars. I managed to get some second turn charges off that had most of that flank fleeing or dead.

However in the centre I had placed my eagle to march block Doug’s flank. The brave eagle was able to hold when charged and when he eventually fled he survived numerous handgun shots before making a break for safety. Incensed by this Doug’s Tyrant went after him in the last turn but still he survived this final volley.
Through a mix of shooting and my greater mobility I was able to clean up a lot of Doug’s army sans Maneaters and main characters.

Win 17-3

So four wins and two draws for 79 points. Still I failed to grind out the big wins I really needed. I think it is a combination of my style of play coupled with the odd time where I give unnecessary points back (e.g. The Curse, losing my Wild Riders vs. Marcello). I did however keep my Treelady alive for the last four games which on recent results was an achievement.

However I had five really good games and six great opponents and most importantly had a lot of fun.

I finished up 5th Overall which when given the caliber of the placegetters I was more than happy with.

Thanks to Dave Stent and all the participants for a great weekend.

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