Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Battle of the Ditch (The 40k Trans-Tasman Cup)

Since 2004 there has been an annual competition for trans-Tasman 40k dominance known as "The Battle of the Ditch".

The event now has it's own trophy, created by Craig Maloney and painted by Ben Leong. The inaugural challenge was held at the 2004 Australian GT. Since 2005 the trophy has been contested at Liber Animus as a separate event.

The results for the competitions to date are as follows:


Hagen Kerr & Pete Dunn (NZ) beat Tony Perkins & Chris Mitchell (Aus)


Hagen Kerr (NZ) beat Dan Stamford (Aus)
Pete Dunn (NZ) beat Leigh Avery (Aus)
Stephen Kelsall (Aus) beat Richard Dagger (NZ)

NZ 2-1


Pete Dunn (NZ) beat Craig Maloney (Aus)
Jack Dunn (NZ) beat Stephen Kelsall (Aus)
Brodie Middleton (Aus) beat Richard Dagger (NZ)
Rick McKay (Aus) drew with Jason Holland (NZ)
Alan Borthwick (NZ) beat David Potts (Aus)
Craig Latta (NZ) beat Stu Williams (Aus)
Hagen Kerr (NZ) beat Ben Shipway (Aus)
Jason Isaac (NZ) beat Michael Cruise (Aus)
Chris Parkin (NZ) beat Alex Ozanne (Aus)
Dave Cleverley (NZ) beat Tom Damin (Aus)
Bruce Manning (NZ) beat Leigh Trsidder (Aus)
Greg Rae (NZ) drew with Kin Sum (Aus)

NZ 10 to 2


Pete Dunn (NZ) beat Stu Williams (Aus)
Jason Millar (Aus) beat Jack Dunn (NZ)
Alan Borthwick (NZ) beat Michael Blair (Aus)
Brad Scott (Aus) beat John Tailby (NZ)
Hagen Kerr (NZ) beat Leigh Avery (Aus)
Matthew O'Shaughnessy (Aus) beat Jason Isaac (NZ)
David Cleverley (NZ) beat Craig Maloney (Aus)
Michael Cruise (Aus) beat Richard Dagger (NZ)
Greg Rae (NZ) beat James Thompson (Aus)
Andrew Johnston (NZ) beat Adam Davis (Aus)

NZ 6-4


Pete Dunn (NZ) drew with Tom Damin (Aus)
Alan Borthwick (NZ) beat Ash Graham (Aus)
John Tailby (NZ) drew with Dan Atrill (Aus)
Kane Tucker (Aus) beat Jack Dunn (NZ)
Jason Isaac (NZ) beat Michael Blair (Aus)
Charlie St. Clair (NZ) beat Michael Cruise (Aus)
Hagen Kerr (NZ) drew with Brad Scott (Aus)

NZ 4.5-2.5

And here is the trophy in its current form, shields updated for NZ's 2008 win. Charlie St. Clair as newest NZ team member is current custodian.

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