Saturday, September 23, 2017

FOB Rankings - NZ 40K Rankings Updated for DonkeyCon

The Fields of Blood 40k Rankings have been updated for the recent DonkeyCon event. This was a three round tournament and was won by Vinnie Purcell using Chaos Space Marines. Vinnie is now firmly established in the Top 12 and looms odds on for a Masters berth.

It looks like you'll need at least 200 points to make the Top 12 (automatic Masters invites) so the next few events are crucial.

Warpstorm, for instance, has 92 points on offer for the winner so we can expect some movement in the ratings post that event. There are four of the Top 12 participating and 5-6 more of the Top 25 on the hunt for points.

The 10th NZ Masters are on the first weekend in December in Wellington. The "season" closes on October 31 with invites going out the first week of November.

Any TOs out there get your results in!


  1. I’d just like to say that you’ve got me listed as an Eldar player, when I’ve played as Ynnari in all but one of the tournaments I’ve played in. Please can you correct this.

  2. We are in the throes of rationalising all the "Races" back to some semblance of structure. I'll get things sorted.