Sunday, September 17, 2017

KOW - WSS Spring Results

Yesterday we had the final of the four event Warlords Super Series, Spring at Khandallah in Wellington.

The event attracted 8 participant including new arrival in the country, Seth Cook from Atlanta, USA. Seth travelled down 2 hours hours for the event which was greatly appreciated.

Here are the results:

This was Lliam's first event win so congratulations. He and Josh played in the last round with Lliam prevailing. What was interesting is that every player won and lost at least one game - so hardly fought.

The other standout was Seth winning Best Sport by achieving best opponent votes from each of his four games. Fantastic effort and great reflection on the man.

So the series is now finished for 2017 and the winners of the four events were:

Summer - Pete Dunn (The Herd)

Autumn - Pete Dunn (The Herd)

Winter - Rob Higgins (Orcs)

Spring - Lliam Munro (Forces of the Abyss)

Thanks to all that participated through the year.

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