Monday, September 11, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

The past week has been very stop-start. I have been looking at the Emperor's Children models that I've wanted to finish and have procrastinated until Friday evening. I managed to get a start on them....about my fourth start....which meant I lightly airbrushed over what I had done. Spent Saturday afternoon and then bits of Sunday and they weren't progressing. Finally got over the hump last evening and they are starting to come right.

I expect to finish them this week and then I can (re)start my Terminators. They also got new airbrush coats as I wasn't happy with the colour.

Next weekend is Warlords Super Series - Spring and I am umpiring. This is the last event I am running this year (apart from Masters). I have received all but one list and will post later today.

I have also been reading Black Library books. Finished Fabius Bile and now working my way through Lucius. Picking up snippets of new EC lore as I read them (e.g. how the Emperor's Children got their name).

Finally, I pre-ordered my Death Guard purchases at GW Lower Hutt on Saturday. Congratulations to Luke on the store's 7th Birthday.

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