Tuesday, March 26, 2019

40k - von Trapps Do Adepticon

von Trapp "Originals" - myself and Jack - are playing in The Long War Doubles at Adepticon this Friday.

The list we are taking is called "STRAIGHT OUTTA WEBWAY" and comprises 1000 points each of Dark Eldar and Harlequins all in skimmers.


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Drukhari) [50 PL, 995pts, 8CP] ++

Detachment Attribute: Kabal of the Black Heart

+ HQ [8 PL, 182pts] +

Archon [4 PL, 89pts]: Blaster [17pts], Venom Blade [2pts], Labyrinthine Cunning, Warlord (Archon), Writ of the Living Muse

Archon [4 PL, 93pts]: Blaster [17pts], Huskblade [6pts]

+ Troops [8 PL, 188pts] +

4x Kabalite Warriors [2 PL, 47pts]
. 3x Kabalite Warrior [18pts]; Sybarite [6pts]
. Kabalite Warrior with Blaster [23pts]

+ Heavy Support [14 PL, 250pts] +

2x Ravager [7 PL, 125pts]: 3x Disintegrator cannon [45pts] 

+ Dedicated Transport [20 PL, 375pts] +

5x Venom [4 PL, 75pts]: 2x Splinter Cannon [20pts]

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Aeldari - Harlequins) [50 PL, 1003pts, 5CP] ++

Masque Form: The Soaring Spite: Serpent's Blood

+ HQ [11 PL, 209pts] +

Shadowseer [7 PL, 125pts]: Shuriken Pistol, Soaring Spite: Skystrider, Twilight Pathways, Veil of Tears, Warlord

Troupe Master [4 PL, 84pts]: Fusion Pistol [7pts], Harlequin's Caress [7pts], The Starmist Raiment

+ Troops [15 PL, 293pts] +

Troupe [5 PL, 107pts]
. 2x Player [1 PL, 13pts]: Harlequin's Blade, Shuriken Pistol
. 3x Player [1 PL, 27pts]: Fusion Pistol [7pts], Harlequin's Caress [7pts]

2x Troupe [5 PL, 93pts]
. 3x Player [1 PL, 13pts]: Harlequin's Blade, Shuriken Pistol
. 2x Player [1 PL, 27pts]: Fusion Pistol [7pts], Harlequin's Caress [7pts]

+ Fast Attack [9 PL, 204pts] +

Skyweavers [9 PL, 204pts]
. 4x  Skyweaver [51pts]: Haywire Cannon [15pts], Zephyrglaive [6pts]

+ Dedicated Transport [15 PL, 297pts] +

3x Starweaver [5 PL, 99pts]: 2x Shuriken Cannon [20pts]

++ Total: [100 PL, 1998pts, 13CP] ++

I'm guessing we'll be giving up Butchers Bill a lot 😎

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  1. Good Luck, Hits Hard and Fast so go raid Adepticon with pleasure.