Friday, March 29, 2019

Adepticon - Day 1

So I arrived from New Zealand in record time - new Air New Zealand direct flight is great.

I met Jack at airport and we got to the hotel in time for dinner and then dropped into the GW Preview.

300-400 excited geeks inside a room made for some excited "yelps". There was a funk of excitement that was palatable bu the time the GW guys got up.

Big news was more AoS Death Spells, new fire Dwarfs and some Iron Daemons for War Cry.....hardly exciting (except for the guy in front of me who looked like a young Hagen Kerr. I believe he wet himself when the new Dwarf Forge Monster was shown).

Then 40k. Sisters will come in 2019 and Apocalypse is back. Yeah and.....and nothing.

We were then shown some Slaanesh Daemons which you can use for 40k. 

Question from the crowd "What about Emperor's Children? Where's Fulgrim?".....we can't tell you anything.

At that stage I walked out. I ain't messing with no Emperor's Children!

Off to my first class - "Advanced 40k with Nick Nanavati". There had been a beginners' class earlier and it was obvious that significant alcoholic beverage had been consumed.Nick, Matt Root and Brad Chester gave a 90 minute class largely focussed on the charge/fight phases. Lots of little nuggets in there but good reinforcement of stuff you need to know. I enjoyed it but was wishing I had brought a margarita along with me to sip.

Back to room just before midnight. Jack's asleep. I apparently snore my way through the darkness, waking fresh at 7:30.

Into Day One of Adepticon. Jack has courses from 8:30am to 8:00pm. Me, a more seasoned veteran has one  at 1.00pm.

This gives me first hit of the halls and into the Vendors Area first morning. Warhammer Champs kick off at 9.00am. Just shy of 256.

There are a lot of 40k players here....and the big days are really Saturday/Sunday

It's ' are going to see a lot of Knights

The (in)famous Aaron Aalong setting up for his game

Games have player set up terrain which adds another dimension.

As well as Knights, it is fair to say that there's a Waaagh in train

Some of those Custodes Fliers you never see

Nick Nanavati looking considerably fresher than he did last evening

Normal service resumed - Many Custode Bike

And more Knights. Generally impressed with the level of painting

More nice Knights

Pirate Orks

Loyal 32....check
Artillery Park....Check

And an indication of the size......this is just a single hall.

Check back later for more photos.

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