Monday, March 4, 2019

40k - ITC Mission Practice

Over the weekend I managed to get in a couple of games using the ITC Missions.

In the first I played Alastair's Tau and it was a real ding-dong battle. He had to leave before we completed the game but at the end of Turn 4 he was ahead 18-17. I learned a few hard lessons in this game as my character placement was sloppy. Going into the game I had a plan but my line got disjointed and that led to some poor decisionmaking on my part. I was also rusty with my rules knowledge forgetting some critical attributes I had. As a result I went home and updated the cheat sheet I had been using previously.

My second game was against Tom who was having his second game of 8th and using Nids. We used it as a training session where we talked through our moves and what we were trying to accomplish. In this instance my character placement was much better. I was helped in no small part by Seizing the Initiative (and rolling like a 12 year old at times).  My Grotesques where able to nullify some of his heavy hitters in the centre.

One of the key learnings from the game was in relation to the selection of Secondary Missions. WE both have developed plans around what works best for each of our arms.

Character placement was much stronger for me this game and hopefully I can reinforce what I did in future games.

Next weekend I'm looking to have a gaming day here at Chez Dunn so I'll get a chance to test those learnings.

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