Wednesday, May 29, 2019

40K - Pikewerx Terrain Painted

Local gamer Ryan Pike has started producing MDF terrain for 40k under the "Pikewerx" banner. A few months ago I purchased a selection of his buildings. I was attracted by the functionally - they actually block LOS - and their robustness. They also look good.

Below are a series of pictures of the pieces painted up. There are three different bastions - two of which are ruined variations. In addition, there are two strongpoints.

I have placed a Genestealer on the pieces to give an idea of scale.

The pieces are quite sturdy and will take the wear and tear of regular play. I use Rustoleum 2x Flat Grey Primer as my basecoat and then airbrushed with various greys, inks and washes. The MDF takes the paint really well.

The detailing on the buildings was all hand painted and then I used the airbrush to weather the pieces.

I'm really happy with how they turned out and would recommend "Pikewerx" to any of those who like MDF terrain.

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