Saturday, May 11, 2019

40k - Titan Terrain Done

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I posted regarding some MDF terrain I had purchased from Titan Terrain in Dunedin.

The last post showed that I had employed the rattlecan to prime them. Well now the 4 main buildings are finished. These are the Workshop, Shop + Apartment, Dispensary and Warehouse plus the bridges to link them together.

Here are some pictures of the near-finished product (they need weathering but I wanted to use them today):

On the left is Shop + Apartment linked to the Dispensary and the Workshop.

Close up on the Shop + Apartment

The Warehouse is great in that it really does block line of site. It is about 14" x 6" and at least 16" high. I can see myself picking up 1-2 more.

Here you can see the airbridge across to the Workshop. This has a dumpster out the back for all your old Ynnari Indexes.

I made up the canopy on the Dispensary incorrectly - it is upside down. However works well as a firing parapet for 40k. 

Another view of the Warehouse. It really is a wonderful building in game terms.

The modular nature of the buildings means you could create a fantastic table for Necromunda or Kill Team. It fits in well with my Industrial Terrain as well.

To give it a 40k feel I downloaded a series of posters off the net and printed them off. This breaks up some of the grey walls.

In the foreground is one of Kim Styles 3-D printed pieces. Again it is complemented by these Titan Terrain pieces.

Here's a shot down the table. Combing the various pieces creates a nice "industrial" feel.

It also provides the necessary cover to make for an interesting game.

Fully recommend Titan Terrain...great quality at a great price. And NZ-designed and made.

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