Thursday, May 16, 2019

40K - Scatter Terrain Painted (Titan Terrain/GW)

With May being my terrain month I have completed some industrial scatter terrain to go on my tables.

First is the container hauler from Titan Terrain. This should work well with my warehouse.

I had three dumpsters thrown in my Titan Terrain order so here they are painted up. Averland Sunset is great colour for things you intend to "weather".

Games Workshop have their galvanic server which is in effect an industrial crane.

It comes with two tractors. These small vehicles can act as obstructions on the battlefield. I like them because they look cool and give some character to any industrial zone.

1 comment:

  1. Those look very cool Pete.
    are you using a brown undercoat and chipping medium or sponging for the weathering?

    What percentage of the table is typically covered by terrain these days? I remember when it used to be a 25% coverage guideline but nowadays it feels like its much less.