Tuesday, June 4, 2019

40K - Cat Lady

June 1st saw the end of my "Month of Terrain" and I ended getting a lot done.

For June I've decided to move on to my Adeptus Titanicus force. I've accumulated three Warlords, two Reavers, two Warhounds and six Knights. The Titans are going to be painted up as Legio Vulpa and I'm hoping to start them later in the week.

First though, I want to paint up Yvraine (Cat Lady) for my Dark Eldar. The new Ynnari codex gives two ways to play her. She can be in a Ynnari force - but as we know "Ynnari aren't a proper army"(tm) - or she can join a proper Eldar army. I've painted her to use in my Dark Eldar and Harlequins and possibly she'll make it into my Ulthwe at some stage.

I picked her up off eBay (as she isn't sold separately from the other Ynnari SCs) and she hit the postbox on Thursday. On Sunday evening, yesterday and this morning I painted her up.

Happy with how she turned out. I used my own colour choice rather than the "codex" palette. Got to use the GW gemstone paints as she must have around 30 gems on her.

Currently painting up the mandatory cat as a stripey ginger named "Spike".