Thursday, June 6, 2019

Hobby - Jentastic's Brush Cleaner

While I was at Adepticon I picked up a pot of Jentastic's Drunken Brush Goop from one of the vendors. I think it was about USD 5-8.

Prior to this I had been using Masters Brush Soap for cleaning my brushes and found it really good - so I wasn't strongly motivated to change.

This is described as a "natural brush cleaner and conditioner" (though I don't necessarily believe it is made in Arizona by unicorns). I've been using it over the past couple of months and it is phenomenal - it is really, really good. Recently I had switched from my workhorse Citadel brushes to Windsor & Newton Series 7. I had received them as a Xmas present from the boys so I felt motivated to look after them.

I use the "Goop" about once a week with a little warm water and rub the brush against the palm of my hand. It suds up and you'll notice any pigment is removed from the hair. I keep going for 5-10 minutes, rinsing the brush and reapplying the Goop and you start to notice flecks of dry paint coming off the brush. It seems as though this does a deeper clean and removes any residual paint in the bowl of the brush and I suspect down to (possibly in the ferrule). It is quite amazing what comes out of a supposedly clean brush. Cleaning definitely takes the W&N brushes back to new.

I've also used it on my Citadel and Army Painter brushes. It certainly appears to breathe new life into them and these are the workhorses I use for basecoating, terrain etc.

I can't recommend this highly enough. It is likely that you'll need to source directly from the USA as I suspect it is a small scale manufacture.

Buy some....and get me some more while you're there 😀

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