Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hobby - Posca Paint Pens

 Over the Summer I have been painting up my Adeptus Titanicus war engines. One thing these have is an awful lot of metallic trim. Virtually every panel has trim on it.

While on the Legio Vulpa Facebook page, one of the members posted that an easy way to do all this trim was to use Posca Paint Pens. I have tried paint pens before and found them less than successful, however this was generally to write script etc. The problem was usually with the flow - nothing or a flood.

So I was a little bit sceptical.

Posca Pens are carried by our local art supply shop - Gordan Harris. I ordered online and received two pens 4-5 days later. I chose the Bronze (link here) and the Ivory pens.

The pens are a little like Sharpies. You push hard down on the tip once and the paint begins to flow.

From there it is just a case of colouring in 😀. Coverage is great and you can paint and highlight over it. It is a great time saver, being much faster than tried to paint the trim with a #0 or #1 brush. My only downside was that I had done most of my engines before I discovered this.

Here is an example of the result I was able to achieve just by colouring in the trim.

These pens have enormous applications for 40k, especially vehicles and monsters (I'm looking at you Helldrake). I would also use them for terrain in future. There are a wide variety of colours so I'm sure there is a pen for most jobs.

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