Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Mournival Challenge - Pete Dunn (February)

1. Paint a new 40k army

Built the army over the course of a weekend. Added a Rhino to the initial list. Have painted and based two units of 7 Plague Marines.

Elrik's Hobbies' Trench bases....post airbrush/drybrush

Third unit of Plague Marines start the process

2. Create a table of terrain to support a game

Still working through my Citifight table, adding 16 new tiles.

3. Build and paint an Adeptus Titanicus engine

No more painting but have based the army. Still waiting for final bases to arrive.

Gamer's Grass Badlands resin bases

4. Run a simple narrative campaign for the group

Not started

5. Add two new units to an existing 40k army

Not started

6. Paint a 40k hero from an army you don’t own

Not started

7. Play a game a month and post a photo of it

No games at all this month....been consumed by hobby bug. I won't play with unpainted models so I am powering through the Death Guard so I can get them on the table.

8. Build/Paint a Warcry warband

Not started. Today managed to pick up the Warcry Starter Box.

9. Organise a multiplayer game

Not started. Have organised the annual FOB NZGT for July. The event sold out in under 48 hours.

10. Attend two The Long War events at the Warlords

Not started. However I have signed up for ValleyCon in May to give me the impetus to get the Death Guard finished.

And we have added to new members to the Dunn family. Suggs is the Ginger while Newt is the Tabby. They are both males from the same litter. They have mounted raids on my hobby area already......the Legio Vulpa engines mysteriously had relocated to the floor when we got up one morning.

They are both incredibly interested when I am airbrushing - not at all put off by the noise.

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