Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Hobby - Badger Stynylrez Primer

 Over the past three months I have digested Youtube, not battle reports but the hobby content producers. My stats say I've watched between 400-500 hours of hobby content. Yep, I need a life. 

From that I have found a wealth of great hobbyists and a huge number of great products. I've been employing what I've learnt in my new 40k army and my Titanicus engines. The key takeaway is that I think I'm getting better results, in faster time, because I'm using better tools......and particularly, the right tool for the job.

It was suggested to me that I should post what I've learnt so that others may benefit from my huge font of knowledge 😆

The first product I want to highlight is Stynylrez Airbrush Primer sold by Badger Airbrush.

As I said, I've been watching a huge number of creators and I was surprised by how many use Stynylrez primers. When I was at Adepticon in 2019 (be still my sad heart), I picked up a pack of the Stynylrez primers - white, grey, black, brown, green - and they had sat on my hobby desk. I used the green primer to prime some metal Plaguebearers mid-2020 and it was very good. In this instance I used it over a Vallejo black to ensure I got good coverage. 

Recently I have used the black to prime a lot of GW plastic and I found it provided a good base to lay down colours on top of. The coverage through the airbrush is good (0.3-0.4 needle, 20 psi) straight out of the bottle. The Titanicus engines are a mix of metallic and non-metallic paints and both adhere well.

A couple of weeks ago I started painting my 40k Death Guard. These are in the pre-Heresy colours - essentially white - so I decided to use some of the grey. Over this I used GW Screaming Skull and Ulthuan Grey (both Layer paints) and the coverage has been great

However where the primer has really excelled has been in its ability to protect when I am using a lot of different mediums. As part of my "learning" I have started using both White Spirits and Turpentine and the primer has held up (without the requirement for protective coats of varnish.

When I did my 30k army about 6-7 years ago, I had all sorts of problems with the solvents eating through to bear plastic. I'm sure I now have better solvents but I do think the primer is also playing a big part.

You can get the Stynylrez primers locally from Mighty Ape and it comes in a variety of sizes. This is great as you can buy the small (60ml) bottles for specific jobs.

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