Wednesday, November 3, 2010


What is it about wargaming forums? IMO they seem to be becoming more irrelevant and in some cases counterproductive.

I'm sure that I've probably got rose-tinted glasses but that didn't always seem to be the case. Certainly 8-9 years ago the various forums I belonged to seemed more helpful, more collegial and generally a wothwhile use of time. Yes I can rant about the youth of today or rednecks insisting on their right to free speech but over the past couple of years (especially) it seems that there has been a rise in the number of internet warriors and a decrease in the signal to noise ratio.

Forums used to be the place where you asked for assistance, discussed lists and tactics and you could be pretty secure in the knowledge that you'd get the required help. Now any kernals are buried in chaff, people use them as an outlet to whinge and moan and to point score off people they haven't met or aren't likely to meet.

It's all a bit pathetic really.

I can understand why those that do have knowledge and experience now avoid participation on various forums given they are likely to be countered by somebody who has no experience of the topic massaging their e-penis.

I now frequent very few forums whereas 3-4 years ago I saw them as a key part of my hobby.

Here's a list of the ones I do:

The "Warhammer Fantasy" Forum at - this is still the best place to get a definitive answer when you have a rules related question. Generally you'll get an answer on the front page, as well as any dissenting argument. After the first page things are likely to descend into arguments over semantics or Rules As Written (RAW) versus Rules As Intended (RAI).

The "Warhammer General Discussion" Forum at - Almost exclusively my use is information around specific tournaments I am attending. Avoid all threads on Composition, the State of the Game, Rage quitters etc

Previously I contributed a the City Guard forum, Warlords forum, Dakka Dakka, NZ Wargaming discussion Group but have pulled back both my reading and input. Unfortunately the Skaven specific forum "The Underempire" seems to have a large number of posters that appear to have little on-table experience (with a few notable exceptions). I have always avoided Warseer and by all accounts I'm not missing much.

Around 12 months ago I set up a private forum which has a limited membership and cuts across both Fantasy and 40k. This has been reasonably successful as most of the participants know each other and user names are actual names rather than non de plumes. The signal to noise ratio for a closed forum is much much higher and I would encourage any gaming group/bunch of gamers to do the same. It might not broaden the community but in these end days it seems as though the community doesn't want help.

Increasingly I spend my online time reading blogs. If someone has taken the trouble to set one up then generally they have a commentary worth reading (well I have to say that given you're reading this). More importantly you can choose to read their thoughts uncluttered by the ill-informed input of BLORK_69_R_L33T (or suitable equivalent).

Grumpy old man mode off!


  1. Have to say I'm exactly the same! Alot of it (for me at least) is my understanding and interests have moved above the Banshees Vs Scorpions debate, or fairly purile 'what's the emperor thinking' threads. I still go to forums if I want painting/modelling ideas, or occasional feedback on my painting tests.

  2. Couldnt agree more - I was a regular forum visitor from the moment I started WHFB 2 years ago but lost interest as rumours of 8th Ed started dominating discussions.

    Like you I find blogs much more informative and interesting to read and havent visited a WHFB forum in months now.

  3. Good post, but is it that things really WERE more helpful? Or is it that now you know a lot more than you did then etc. (the rose-tinted spectacles you mention)?
    I'm not disagreeing with you, but I think that there are lots of things that contribute to this feeling - possibly including one's own age and experience!
    I've been very happy with the UnderEmpire, but that may be because I tend to stick to the modelling and hobby side of the tunnels. I'm also a total WFB noob. I haven't yet managed a game of 8th myself (still painting up those Skaven) so can't comment on the validity of the advice (or not!)
    I WAS lucky when I started playing 40K to quickly find Advanced Tau Tactica, which has really set a standard for me that has been tough to beat.
    Anyway, I think like anything on the internet, you have to sift through a lot of stuff that you won't find useful to get to content that REALLY suits you. (Like the blogs that other posters here have mentioned.)

  4. Thanks for the comments guys.

    @Farmer:The modelling and painting sections are great on most forums. They are a fantastic source of inspiration.

    @John:As I said I think you need to pick your forums and threads. There are gems in there but I do think the blogosphere is now moving into a "gap in the market".

    @Squeek: I probably should have qualified my comments more. I probably was talking more in terms of tournament play. I've found that "The Underempire" was great for modelling ideas - I got my Ratapult from there - and for general Skaven enthusiasm.

    You're right though it pays to be discerning.

    Now get your rats painted so we can see them on the table.