Sunday, November 7, 2010

Next Projects

Thought I'd talk about the various things I'm working on at the moment. It will then act as a reminder to me that I need to finish these things.


Plague Lord Nurglitch model to use as a new Plague Priest.
More Censer Bearers to use as my Plague Monks
Spinetail model I picked up to use as Champion or naked Engineer
Rat Ogre Bonebreaker to put my Lord on
Screaming Bell
Assassin models for Night Runners
Island of Blood Rat Ogres (x 6)


2x Temple of Skulls as per the recent White Dwarf. Very very bleak
Fortified Manor
Basing Conflix Buildings for a town


The Iron Warriors that have sat downstairs for the last 6 years. All with Iron Hands bionics and Iron Warriors Forge World stuff - inspired again after reading "The First Heretic"


Bought two gangs to paint - Lady Justice and McMourning - and I'm keen to give the game a run over Summer

So plenty there to paint and build. I'll keep you updated.

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