Saturday, July 13, 2019

40K - Name Plates

Recently while putting together my Adeptus Titanicus models I looked into getting some name plates to attach to the base.

I came across a UK company VERSATILE TERRAIN that makes them to order. You can visit their website here

Malys (Troupe Master) & N'jal (Solitaire)

I wanted to try them out before I had the big war engines' name plates made so decided to get them made for my Harlequins and Dark Eldar.

The plates are 3D printed and come in a light grey plastic. To the naked eye there is no evidence of striations.

You can order whatever names you want. They come in a variety of sizes, in different types of font and different plate options. I chose a recessed plate with a gothic font option.

I clipped them off their printing frames and then blutacked them to a stick to airbrush.

You can see that they have crisp detail

They were undercoated black with Badger Primer and then I sprayed them with Retributor Gold.

I then washed them with GW Nihilakh Oxide before a drybrush with Vallejo Old Gold. The final treatment was a light wash of the lettering with GW Seraphim Sepia to provide shadows.

Really happy with the way they came out. I think that they provide a way for your characters to be identified for you and your opponent.

Who Hasn't Wanted to Call Their Spiritseer "Moonsong"?

The Cat Lady Herself

And EVERYONE'S favourite, "Khloe" with her Vexator Mask.


  1. Are you naming your titans after the Kardassians Pete?

    1. No.....going with actual lore names....

    2. You mean like Data and Lore from Star Trek?