Saturday, August 17, 2019

Terrain - LOS Blocking Hills for 40k

Over the past month I've been working on and off on some hills that block line of sight. I had some hills for Fantasy made of bluefoam that were just basic steps. I decided to re-purpose them for 40k.

Here is the end result. The observant among you  might be able to see an Iron Warriors Forgefiend lurking on one of the hills. This should give you an idea of the scale of these "hills".

These are no small mounds and should be able to block line of sight of any vehicle up to a Knight and most monsters.

Most pieces are at least 12" across and 6"+ high. The hills have been gritted so you can stand things on them.

Here you get an idea of just how much cover they can provide. 

I've created 14 hills which will be used on 3-4 desert tables with buildings and scatter terrain.

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