Saturday, August 24, 2019

40K Terrain - Valley of the Kings

Continuing the work of creating some new tables for the upcoming Fields of Blood NZGT and NZ Open, this morning I finished repairing some old WHFB pieces and adding in new hills to create a themed table - "Valley of the Kings".

This table has a lot of large LOS blocking pieces on it. From the Sphinxes to the Pyramids to the hills there are a lot of places to hide.

The Sphinxes are about 10" high and 12" long while the Pyramid is approximately 8" tall.

You can get an idea of scale from the Harlequin Skyweaver who is parked at the Pyramid entrance.

The Pyramid is the ultimate Enclosed Ruin - only able to be entered from the front and big enough for 5 Primaris Marines. I have a cool image in my mind of a group of Marines trying to kill a Necron Lord who has retreated back to his Tomb.

Hopefully this will be both a functional and thematic battlefield. Definitely home field advantage for Necrons or Thousand Sons.

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