Sunday, August 18, 2019

40k Terrain - The Airfield

Starting to organise my new mats and terrain for FOB NZGT and this morning put together "The Airfield".

This uses the FLG Battlemat "Airstrip" as the base and adds on some of the various elements I've put together over the years.

It has some of my new LOS blocking hills, the crashed Imperial Aquila, a Bastion, craters and the Warehouse, lifter and containers from Titan Terrain.

Surveying the carnage is a lone Soaring Spite Skyweaver (obviously he rolled well for his haywire bringing the Aquila down). You can get an idea of how even the small hills block a lot of LOS.

I now just have to weather craters, Aquila and bastion in line with the mat and another table is ready.

Check back over the next few days to see further tables for NZGT (and NZ Open).

As with all my tables this will pack up into its own tub for easy storage.

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