Thursday, August 22, 2019

40K - Tournament Terrain - Buildings

A few weeks ago I contacted a local manufacturer of MDF buildings and asked him to design a building for me that I could use as tournament terrain.

The brief was that it had to block line of sight, be accessible and flexible, sturdy and easy to construct and store. Last week he sent me photos of the building and on the weekend a sample arrived.

Last night I timed myself to see how fast I could turn them around from pack to ready for table. The answer is 75 minutes and I am very hopeful that with practice I can get it down to around 50 minutes per unit.

Here is the finished building, painted ready for the table. I spray the parts before assembly then use brush to add the detail before gluing it together.

The building arrives in 15 parts - 3 floors, 8 walls and 4 crenulations. The floors I spray black, the walls grey on outside, neutral colour inside and crenulations grey both sides.

Window detail is picked out in metal as are some of the decorations. Other wall detail in alternative grey and roof floor in red. I haven't painted internal floors (plain black)

Really happy with how they have come up after painting. Obviously you can detail more if necessary - and I'll add posters to some.

The important thing for me is that the building hits all the boxes in my brief. It is sturdy, easy to construct and paint, it is practical in that the floors are separate and it blocks line of sight.

I have ordered 50 of these buildings for delivery over the next three months, meaning they will be ready in time for the FOB NZ Open in March.

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