Monday, March 2, 2020

Playing by Intent: Redux

In December - post the Masters - I wrote a blog on Playing by Intent. You can see it here

It was a general discussion that then highlighted that what you intend should also be physically doable. I missed a couple of things in retrospect.

One of the key things about playing intent is that you must signal your intention PRIOR to it becoming a point of contention.

To do this you need to state to your opponent at the time you do it what your intention is. If you intend to be in 6" of the enemy then say these are within 6". If you believe your unit is out of LOS check with your opponent.

Only in Captain Hindsight's world is it acceptable to say "But it was my intention......"

I have got into the habit of asking my opponents when they move something - if I think it may prove "interesting" - as to what their intention is. Then as long as what they intend is doable, I am happy that a problem won't develop. I am trying to train myself to say "I understand/I agree" whenever an opponent signals an intention.

If you want to play by intent then you need to be open and you need to seek affirmation.

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