Monday, March 9, 2020

40k - Time Management at the Fields of Blood NZ Open

In the words of the sadly missed 40k sharpshooter, Geoff Robinson:

"You are in charge of your own enjoyment"

Time Management of your games is up to you. Some people play fast, some people play slow. Some people are aware, some are oblivious.

Games at the NZ Open are three hours long. Ideally this means that each person gets an equal portion of the time and the game reaches a natural conclusion. However, at the recent The Long War - Bombardment, some people averaged three turns finished per games while others managed six finished turns (2.5 hour rounds).

If you want to ensure that you get an even amount of the alloted time then you should use one of these:
Either a physical chess clock or a chess clock app on your smartphone will mean you get an even amount of time each.

The NZ Open Chess Clock rules borrow from the general ITC Chess Clock rules:

1. Time is split equally - 1.5 hours each
2. Your 1.5 hours includes your 6 turns plus deployment
3. When your time runs out the ONLY action you can do is make saving throws.
4. A player may play out his turns while he has sufficient time on his clock.

If one player decides to use a chess clock to regulate game time, then his opponent is also obligated to. However, the onus is on the player who wants to use a chess clock to physically provide it - not their opponent, not the TO.

Should you choose to not use a time clock and then you find your game is running into time problems call over one of the umpires. They will only do one thing. Split the time equally between players based on the amount of player turns left and allocate that to the participants. Each player turn from that point on should take no more than the allocated time. Any actions that don't fall in that time will go unresolved. My advice - Don't get into this situation.

You will get no traction complaining to the umpire that this is not fair. If you would like to pursue that line, please see Geoff Robinson's observation.

And remember if you feel that your opponent is deliberately not contributing to the game reaching a natural conclusion then you have a mechanism to punish them through the Sports system. However thing long and hard that the problem was purely one-sided.

The DUP Game Recorder includes a question on completed turns. Please fill this in honestly.

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