Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Hobby - Miscellaneous Jobs

 I've got a few miscellaneous jobs to do this week.

The first is to paint up some Plaguebearers to give me two units of 30 metal PBs.

The other thing that has happened since I last had PBs on table is they are now sold with 32mm bases. I'm taking opportunity to move all sixty of them over.

While cleaning out some terrain, I found these resin pieces which were released as Citifight stratagems/objectives back in 2006. I'm going to paint them up and integrate them into my city table.

Speaking of which; I sold off my STC-Ryza terrain to Hagen but kept what look like escape hatches. Again these will be painted up and put in the basements of the various buildings.

Finally, there was a post the NZ Warhammer 40k Facebook group a few days ago that pointed out that the local Kmart has smallish "lego" display cases in their stores. These are about 10" x 6", so sit on top of my Hobbyzone shelves. They are a three tiered unit made of plastic. I bought one Saturday (NZD 13) and it arrived yesterday ($4 post). It is just the right size to keep my painted miniatures in while I working on them e.g. waiting to be based.

The miniatures are being protected by the combined efforts of Davros, a Cyberman, Mr. Burns and the Mighty Sainter.

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