Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hobby - Tablescape "Urban Streets" Tiles - Secret Weapon Miniatures

 Last year, I sold off four unused Tablescapes "Urban Streets" tiles to Dave Foster as part of a display kit (they come with a frame).

I immediately regretted it, especially so when I found out that they were a scarce commodity. This regret intensified when I sat down at the start of lockdown to work on my home table. I decided to make tiles with permanent buildings  rather than bare tiles I could place buildings on. This was to increase the visual impact of the table.

In March I contacted SWM and they were having a sell out of their old tiles. These were originally part of a Kickstarter but the relationship between them and their Chinese manufacturer had broken down and they were no longer able to produce new stock. However, their inventory didn't contain many of the Urban Street tiles. The team at SWM went out of their way to gather the tiles I was after and they arrived at Jack's place in Boston today.

Eight New Tiles, a Clothes Horse & a Pair of Feet

My original intention was to pick up the tiles when I visited Boston post-Adepticon, then to have Jack bring them home at Xmas, now I will just have to bite the bullet and have then sent by USPS.

Once they are completed I will have 40 tiles which will allow me to make a 10' x 4' board or have considerable variety for a 5' x 4' board.

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  1. These tiles are awesome. I wish they were still being produced, as I would probably pick up a few myself.