Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Hobby - Properly Cocked Podcast

 The Properly Cocked podcast is a local podcast hosted by Steve Joll. For those that don’t know, Steve is a professional announcer gracing the airwaves for one of the national radio stations. He also does voiceovers on television ads....and once you’ve clicked it is Steve, you can’t unhear it. 

Steve also has a side hustle co-hosting 40k Today where he is exposed to an international audience.

Joining him on the show are Aaron Wilson, Brendan Dee and Sean Sullivan, three NZ hobbyists. The podcast follows a regular format where they each choose their Top 5 on a particular topic. This can be gaming, painting or the wider hobby. I find them well researched and considered. The big surprise for me was Sean's breadth of knowledge on the lore.

Over the last week I've been listening to their back catalogue while painting terrain. It seems that while I can win tournaments, organise events and give advice but I make one blog post about Contrast Paints and I'm forever "Pete Dunn the Contrast Paint Hater". 

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