Thursday, September 10, 2020

Hobby - A Nice Surprise from GW & Adepticon

 Yesterday afternoon a FedEx courier pulled up to the house and dropped off a parcel posted from Illinois.

The day New Zealand went into lockdown (25 March) I was due to fly out to the USA for two weeks holiday including 5 days at Adepticon. Unfortunately Covid-19 resulted in the convention being canceled. One of the events I had signed up to was the Games Workshop Preview. It was widely anticipated that they were going to announce the new edition of 40k that evening.

It appears that they were also going to shower us with freebies - which brings me back to my couriered parcel.

A Care Parcel from Games Workshop & Adepticon

So in the box, I received a Warhammer Community cotton carry bag which contained four gifts. A set of Convention-only cards for Beastgrave; a Primaris Assault Intercessor and Necron Warrior (apparently these are unique poses, not available outside GW previews) and two softcover books - one containing the collected fiction from Psychic Awakening and the other the same from Malign Portents.

A pretty nice haul.!

This stuff will get dished out here locally. The figures will go to Tom and Cody (local Necron). The cards to Luke at my local GW store (only person I know who plays). I'm keeping the Psychic Awakening book and I'll offer the AoS book to a local I know who helped me get into the GW hobby.

Oh....and hello! It looks like 9th Ed was going to be announced at Adepticon - going by the figures included.

I hope I can make Adepticon in 2021.

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