Monday, December 23, 2013

NZTC - The List of Teams & Team Members

There has been a request from Team DILF as to who they are likely to be playing at NZTC.

After 15 training camps so far they are narrowing down their choice of armies to 8 and hope to use this further knowledge to get it to 7 by the end of January. Actually Team Captain James Brown has instructed the NZTC organisers to only accept any team lists from him. And we are to alert him immediately should any one of them try to submit a list....or show independent thought!

So here are your teams:

#1 - The von Trapp Family
  • Jack Dunn (c)
  • Tom Dunn
  • Joe Dixon
  • Pete Dunn
#2 - Team DILF
  • James Brown (c)
  • John Willenbruch
  • Antony Kitson
  • Glen Tibbles
#3 - Shirts Off!
  • Sam Whitt 
  • James Milner (c)
  • Ben Wadsworth
  • Mal Patel
#4 - The Wolfpack
  • Dan Butler (c)
  • Ross Hillier-Jones
  • Jeff Kent
  • Locky Reid
#5 - Southern Raiders
  • Basil Moskovis (c)
  • Damon Quaid
  • Rhys Hodgson 
  • Darren Urquhart
#6 - Stonefalls Massive
  • Joel van de Ven-Long (c)
  • Glen Burfield
  • Ryan Lister
  • Wil Hoverd
#7 - Beauty & the Beasts
  • Sam Campbell 
  • Fern Campbell
  • Hamish Gordon
  • Nic Jebson (c)
#8 - Grumpy Old Men
  • Raymond Dick (c)
  • Mike King
  • Reid Pittams
  • Paul Davison
#9 - Legion of Doom
  • David Oemecke
  • Hermann van Krandenberg
  • Luc van Kradenberg
  • Rex Foote
#10 - The Nice Team
  • James Millington
  • Bo Patterson
  • Dave Appleby
  • Tane Woodley
#11 - The Bucketheads
  • John Murrie (c)
  • Adam Richards
  • Brendon Johnston
  • Regan Ridge
#12 - The League of Extraordinary Nerdymen
  • Paul Clarke (c)
  • TBC
  • TBC
  • TBC
#13 - The Philosopher's Stone
  • Nick Munn (c)
  • Phil Wu
  • Paul Dalton
  • James Cardno
#14 - Redheaded Stepchildren
  • Tim Joss (c)
  • Rory Finnemore
  • Hagen Kerr
  • Neil Williamson
#15 - Team Victoria
  • Greg Greenfield (c)
  • Nick Hoen
  • Jabe Brown
  • Ben Leopold
#16 - Team Australia
  • Tim Stewart (c)
  • Mark Skilton
  • Sam Morgan
  • Lachy Mulcahy
So those are the teams as I currently have them plus name where I was given them or my own substitutes. Please let me know if team composition has changed or team name is different.


  1. Hey Pete,

    We are still confirming team names name for "Team Australia" and "Team Victoria".

    "Team Australia" will be - Tim Stewart (c), Lachie Mulchay, Mark Skilton, Sam Morgan
    "Team Victoria" will be - Greg Greenfield (c), Nick Hoen, Jabe Brown, Ben Leopold



    1. Sorry, mispelled one name - Lachie Mulcahy

  2. That TBC guy is going to be right busy!

  3. Hey Pete, just FYI, Jebjeb is our captain, and not Sam :)

  4. Thanks for posting Pete. Those who like an even playing field can thank me later.
    also in the interest of fair play if you sit looking at results while they come in I may have to share your view, by sitting on your lap!!

    1. No problem John, you make all the effort worthwhile :-)

      In 2014 we are going to have a whiteboard/display board with all the results up throughout the event. Heck, given your team name I don't think I could trust myself if you sat on my lap! I am only human after all.

    2. I am fairly irresistible in my short shorts.

      We used whiteboard at DILFcon and was amazing useful for something so simple.

  5. I guess I should inform you that in team 15 there is no one playing by the name of Dave Greenfield since my name is Greg Greenfield...

  6. #13: Phil Wu, Paul Dalton, James Cardno

  7. Hi Peter, There has been a few changes to the team with people no longer being able to make it and swapping with people that can. Please find the updated list of people that are coming from VIC AUS.
    #15 - Team Victoria

    Greg Greenfield (c)
    Nick Hoen
    Sam Morgan
    James Brett

    #16 - Team Australia

    Tim Stewart (c)
    Mark Skilton
    Ben Leopold
    Lachy Mulcahy

    See you guys soon!