Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Runefang VII & Other 2014 Warhammer Fantasy Tournament Dates

For those of you who like to plan your year, I am looking at running the following events over the course of 2014.


Ruination (4000 Points) - January - Sold Out
NZ Teams Championships - March- Sold Out
NZ Masters - December 6/7

Venue Dependant:

Runefang VII - April 26/27
The Horned Rat VII - June 21/22
Warpfire III (1000 points) - September 13
Skitterleap 2014 - October 18/19

I have asked for alternative dates a week either side if not available.

This year I will be umpiring Runefang VII. I intend to use Swedish Comp but with a twist. Instead of the normal Swedish handicap system I will be designating a level and players will have to build a list with a Swedish Comp score equal or higher. There will be no benefit if your list is higher.

For me this achieves the aim of variety in list-building that Swedish encourages but is less rewarding who those who want to "game the system". The event will also be using the FOB Painting Checklist system (as will all FOB events in 2014), however this will be revised over the next fortnight based on feedback received in 2013. It will be posted here in mid to late January so everyone knows what the expectation is for full painting points at these events.

EDIT: Dates edited because of incompetence


  1. Hi Pete,

    Advance dates like this make my wife very happy - thank you.

    However, I think Santa brought you a "seconds" diary.

    June 19 / 20 for Horned Rat is a Thursday / Friday
    Sept 29 is a Monday

    I have also made preliminary bookings for Sept 27/28 for "Crack's Call" to be held in Masterton (you told me to just pick a date!)

    Vermintide will ether be held on November 15 or 29 when I have confirmed with Michail.

  2. Thanks for the update Pete and great to see an event in Masterton. Ill be attending all of these :-)

  3. Keep the dates coming the more time I have in advance the better chance I get to go.