Sunday, December 29, 2013

Warhammer Expansion - Triumph & Treachery

Another parcel arrived yesterday as well. This was from Element Games in the UK via Youshop (thanks to NZ Post, great to see my tax dollars put to good use). The service delivers GW product for less than 74% NZRRP, a not insignificant discount.

The box contained two sets of Dark Elf Warlocks, some Greenstuff, paints.....and the Warhammer Expansion "Triumph & Treachery".

Now I'm not a big fan of the last Fantasy expansion "Storm of Magic" mainly because it reminded me of "Apocalypse" for the Old World. However, the latest release "Triumph & Treachery" really piqued my interest. Why? Well, it offers an opportunity to play multiplayer games.

In 2011 I organised a Karak Eight Peaks event at Call to Arms which saw teams of Goblins, Dwarfs and Skaven battle for control of the ancient fortress. It culminated in a three player game (one army for each race) set in the K8P Throne Room. I played against Sam Whitt and Peter williamson and it was a total blast. All I remember were the pleas for help, double dealing and oathbreaking - and that was just the Dwarfs!

The opportunity to have up to  five player games sounds really appealing and something I'd like to try during 2014.


  1. I picked this up early on and have been loving it. By far the best supplement GW have put out in a long time and my fav way to play warhammer now. Ive also done a small conversion to use the system in 40k.

  2. Are you still using youshop for warhammer purchases? Do you have any advice for using it?

    1. Yes, I still use it when I buy anything big from GW.....though that is less and less these days.

      It is very straightforward to use. Just go to NZ Post website and set up an account - quick and free. This gives you the necessary uk address. Have parcel shipped there and they will notify you when it arrives and cost of shipping to nz