Thursday, December 26, 2013


All 16 spots for Ruination have now been snapped up so we will have a full house for the first 4000 point event to be held.

There are rumours of three stunties armies turning up. Lizards also are likely to be pretty prevalent - I'm guessing probably three of the cold-blooded race as well. Joel van de Ven-Long has threatened to bring a Nuln Empire list.  No doubt everyone has read the players pack and seen the instruction to bring "fun" armies. If not the umpire's veto stick is likely to get a workout.

Remember it's Battleline and Blood & Glory so plan accordingly. I'll post the full field in the next couple of days.

I'm running a waiting list for anyone who has missed out. Just in case RL intervenes.

EDIT: Sam Whitt has had to drop out so there is one place free

EDIT: And gone again!

EDIT: And an extra spot has opened up. LMK if you'd like it

EDIT: And gone again

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