Tuesday, July 4, 2017

40K - Mathhammer

The observant of you might have noticed a new button on the site banner.

This is labelled "Mathhammer" and takes you to a 40k Combat Calculator.

This calculator was constructed by Jack (who is obviously putting all the book learning at the NE USA technical school to good use).

The calculator also gives you distribution data allowing me to save that if you have 30 Strength 4 Attacks hitting on 3s then there is a 60% chance of you doing 1-3 wounds to my Great Unclean One - unless I'm on top of my game when you'll do none).

If you see any errors or can suggest any enhancements then put them in the comments section


  1. one quick one, stats are no longer capped at 10, Magnus for example attacks at Str 16

  2. It's only going to take 450 conscripts 2 full turns of shooting at half range to kill a land raider! That does it, I'm quiting!

    Nice calculator - thanks :)

    [sorry typo in first post :)]

  3. Hi,great work! Can you add an Autohit field or toggle for flamers? A random number of attacks like 2D3 would be awesome!

    1. Other simple suggestions:
      - for damage a "Best of 2D6" option (melta guns)
      - a note or legend to explain briefly what is standard deviation

      For hardcores:
      - the resulting probability to inflict at least X wounds. Like the sum of all probabilities of wounds higher than the one hovered by the mouse on the bar graph
      - multiple tabs to fill different profiles and get a single resulting graph

  4. Would love a chance to discuss this project with the engineer who made it. I've worked on something similar, and have some technical questions.

  5. That is awesome! I was working on a similar thing myself in R. How did Jack make the cool? I've got most of my own tool working within the R environment, I'd like to make a good looking tool like yours out of it. But anyway, If it's not too much trouble, I would like to request an extra feature to be added in maybe? Here it is:

    Some attacks have special effects that do extra mortal wounds on top of whatever else they do, or improve the AP. For example a Genestealer attack which rolls a 6 to wound, would improve the AP from 0 to -4. If the Genestealer had poison, then that 6 to wound would cause a mortal wound. Could that be included too?

  6. Dumb question, is this up to date for 8th ed?