Wednesday, July 12, 2017

40K - GW's Scenario Toolkit

Checking out the Warhammer Community site the other day I saw a video clip promoting the new “Open War” cards.
These cards are a way to create your own scenario. In the pack you get 48 cards split as follows:
  • Deployment – 12 cards showing different deployment setups
  • Objective – 12 cards allowing you to generate a game objective
  • Twists – 12 special rules cards, choose one to impact your scenario
  • Ruse – 6 cards giving a lesser point force an advantage
  • Sudden Death – 6 cards giving a heavily outpointed force a sudden death victory condition

Now putting aside that you can easily recreate this product with dice and a couple of written tables, IMO the $28 cost is okay if you want a polished and easy to use card-based version. 

I think this this product is great for creating an infinitely (ok, 62,208) variable backdrop for your games especially if you want to vary up point levels. The potential to create some great narrative battles is huge.

Looking forward to getting my hands on some.

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