Monday, July 24, 2017

KOW - WSS: Winter - Results and Photos

On Saturday we had the third in the Warlords Super Series, Winter. It was a four round 2000 point tournament.

The four missions played were randomly generated and were Ransack, Loot, Secure and Control. The results were as follows:

Best Sport was Eugene Geilen and Neil Williamson's new Trident Realms won Best Army.

This was Rob Higgins' first KOW tournament win and Ian Dixon's first podium.

A mix up with dates meant the event was played at Chez Dunn with the four tables set up in my lounge.

Rob's Orcs fight Peter's Varangur in Round One. It ended 8-8

Ogres vs. Undead. Ryan won this but Ian came back strong in the next three rounds.

Neil's Trident Realmw with Kraken and Tidal Surges

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  1. Thanks again for hosting Pete - great day of gaming.