Monday, July 10, 2017

40K - New Death Guard

Apart for the Dark Imperium and EtB model, it appears that the Death Guard are getting three new kits to accompany their Codex.

Mortarion and the Terminators were flagged at Adepticon but the latest White Dwarf has a picture of the third kit, a new vehicle.

People have been speculating that it is the 40K version of the Epic Plaguecaster, however it varies dramatically from that vehicle. The Plaguecaster was more trebuchet than bombard.

Regardless, new models are great for us Veterans of the Long War though I suspect we'll have to fight for our models with the hoi polloi who have all jumped off the Eldar/Imperium bandwagon and are now painting up Death Guard.

Those from Barbarous know who they are! We've been here from the beginning.

1 comment:

  1. It may be the paint job, but this thing looks like the most uninspired POS so far, worse than the Primas Marine fluff even...
    It still might likely fit as the Plaugecaster. Look at some of the other Epic -> 40k conversion like the Harauspex and other large Tyranid creatures that look nothing alike.