Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Weekly Hobby Update

This update has been a bit delayed this week as I headed off to work to work for the first time in 12 months. A little bit of a shock to the system to a dedicated man of leisure like myself.

Over the past week I have been tidying up my Nurgle Daemons for 40k. This has meant putting them on round bases - eurrggghhh - and doing a little more detail work on them. They've come up quite nice in my opinion and it is great to get some new use out of what are some of my favourite models.

I've also managed to get in some games of 40k - three - since the last update. Hagen brought his Sisters around last Thursday while I went to Warlords Saturday. There I played Traitor Astartes and something called "Drew Carey". I've now played four different armies, all of which have been fun.

On the painting table are the Plaguebearers (all 30 of them). After that it is my GUO, Billy Slugtongue and then my Plague Hulk. And that will finish off the Nurgle Daemons for the moment.

I'm waiting for more info on the Death Guard before I start pulling out my figures and start building a list. Apparently August sees a more comprehensive list and hopefully by that time they'll be other new releases so that the Death Guard will be left for the real Veterans of the Long War.

Next event is Kings of War Warlords Super Series - Winter on 22 July. Expecting lists in over the next ten days.

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