Saturday, February 10, 2018

40k - NZ Grand Tournament Hits 50!!!!

The fifty tickets for the FOB NZ Grand Tournament have been sold. A big thank you to all of you that have supported the event by buying a ticket.

The capacity of the hall is limited and player comfort is paramount. That being said, I am going to check out the hall again today - armed with a tape measure and notebook. At the NZ Team Championships I have fitted in 33 gaming tables but that was very very tight.  I am going to check dimensions with a view to adding 4-5 tables which would mean an additional 8-10 tickets (total 29-30 tables).
Unfortunately that is the upper limit of the venue with no further opportunity to increase this year.

Therefore these extra 8-10 tickets represent your last chance to participate in what will be NZ's premier 40k event. If you want in, now is your last chance.

And aside of all this is that at capacity the event qualifies as an ITC "Major".


  1. Nice one! So will this be registered as an itc event? I've been thinking that nz events should get onboard with itc. Have you considered BCP app?

    1. Yes, it will be registered with ITC.

      So the results will be uploaded at the end