Monday, February 12, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

Finished up the Cathedral which I posted pictures of last week.

I ordered a Fabius Bile model from GW Direct which turned up last week and started painting that. It is quite interesting that in the game, while Heretic Astartes, Fabius may not belong to a Legion (even Emperor's Children). This will limit how much table time he sees - I'll use him in narrative games - as he needs a separate Detachment for you to maintain your Legion Traits.

Here are a few early WIP shots of the Clonelord:

The base colours are laid down and I'm starting to tidy up all the errors.

Once he's finished I need to do work on my WotR models and I have some existing terrain to tidy up.

Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament hit its 50 participants on Saturday. I released the last 10 tickets yesterday and there are only two remaining. Once gone that is it.

Next time.......

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  1. Pretty sure you can have Fabius in a detachment without losing your bonuses. Like the Fallen, while he himself does not get the detachments Legion Trait, the rest of the detachment receives them as normal