Tuesday, February 13, 2018

NZGT has Sold Out!!!!

Twelve days after tickets went on sale and including the release of a further ten spots, the Fields of Blood NZ Grand Tournament has sold out. Really appreciate all the support.
Sixty gamers have signed up and paid their registration securing their tickets. They now have 7+ months to plan and build their army and in some cases terrain.

The hall has no further capacity to expand so no further places will be available. I am starting a wait-list in case there are any drops.

Speaking of support, I'd like to welcome Mighty Ape onboard as a sponsor for the event. We are working with them now to provide participants with some discounts etc to help them in the lead-up to the event. They will also be providing some prize support. Appreciate the efforts of David Grieg and the team at Mighty Ape.


  1. Well done Pete, that's a great outcome.

    1. Thanks John. Getting it sold allows quite a bit of freedom around planning e.g. terrain, add-ons etc.

      Thinking of have a lunchtime character "Royal Rumble" for instance.

  2. Great news, good to see the hobby so strong.

  3. I am getting the Warlords to run a series of one day events to allow people to prepare for the main event..