Monday, February 5, 2018

40k - Practice That Play

Yesterday Hagen and I had a game at 1750 points with him using his Deathwatch against my Emperor's Children. He used the list he had used in our last game which meant it was his usual soup of, in his words, "cool" units. From my viewpoint that just means every model is armed differently "just in case" - cue story of Skink Priest with Biting Blade/ Scout Champ with Power Fist etc back over 20 years.

I used a newer version of my Emperor's Children incorporating those models I have recently painted. This included a single unit of Obliterators, the "Three Amigos" - Sparkle, Primrose & Moonbeam - and the Masque (which was found in Tom's wardrobe).

Cultist "Blob" Moving Up Table Under Watchful Eye OF DPoC

We used my Chess Clock to time our moves.

The game got through three turns in the 2.5 hours - but by that stage Hagen only had his Land Raider (on 10W), a Drop Pod and Inquisitor left. My turns took 30 minutes, 39 minutes and 18 minutes.

This is too slow!!!

Hagen's turns took 24 minutes, 29 minutes and probably 7 minutes - so  he was far more on point.

My "New" Emperor's Children Obliterators With Their Sorcerer Friend

So what did I learn?

  • Know your unit's stats
  • If you don't know your unit's stats then have a hard copy of them available to reference
  • Don't rely on an army list on your iPad
  • Don't rely on a Codex on an iPad
  • Don't rely on both your Codex and army list on your iPad 😕
  • Have FAQs in hard copy
  • Ignore Hagen's questions such as "Are you sure your Rhino moves 12", can you show me"
  • Be mindful that your turn includes your opponent's fight phase 
Overall these were "Pete" problems and I'll address them from here on out.

Hagen's Drop Pod Squad Drop Down To Deal With My Rhino Bound Noise Marines

As for my play. I saw real benefit from the time I have spent watching battle reports, reading blogs and viewing games on Twitch. My placement was far stronger, my tactical acumen better and my application of rules nuances important. I was helped in that I got first turn in this game but I also felt that I made good choices.

I've just got to make them faster.

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