Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hobby - Ruined Cathedral Terrain Piece

Last year I purchased the Ruined Cathedral from Puppet Wars. Over the past view days I constructed the building and painted it.

The various parts are cast in resin and needed to have mold lines removed. They were also far from perfectly flat and trying to rectify this with hairdryer and hot water was only partially successful.

I mounted the building on some 5mm MDF. The base board is 20" long and 10" wide. I used Gorilla glue to stick it down - and together and then filled the gaps with Green Stuff. I then glued sand over the GS.

Rather than go for a grey stone I decided that this would be a golden sandstone - think some of the British cathedrals e.g. York. I worked this up through 5-6 colours and washes.

 The internal floor is grey tiles with an inset black pattern. It has fallen masonry, wood etc scattered across the floor.

Outside I built up the surrounds with filler then covered it with mix of river sand and stones. These were then washed and drybrushed.

The final touch was to make yo some water effects to give some added colour. I mixed in some SWM Algae wash and then laid down a couple of coats.

I'm happy with how it has come up. It fits a lot of game systems and should make a centre piece for my table.


  1. that looks like a nice piece of terrain Pete. I can see that being the scene of some climatic battles. It could almost be used in historical games such as Berlin in WW2.

  2. Looks great Pete, and also functional. Some of the bigger terrain pieces can inhibit play a bit but this looks like it would be relatively simple to move units through.