Monday, March 5, 2018

Weekly Hobby Update

The past week has seen an allround hobby effort.

First, I finished painting my extra Warp Talons. They made it out to the field on Saturday for a couple of games. I also received the game tracker I purchased from Fear This! Kustom. This has now been painted to match my EC - I'll post pictures tomorrow.

Planning for the FOB NZGT continues and I purchased two sets of terrain - one from Frontline Gaming, the other from The intention here is to ensure that there is a series of high quality tables for the event. I'll also have my eye out at Adepticon for any further potential purchases.

Also have agreed with the Warlords details of THE LONG WAR 40k series. This is an initiative to provide regular gaming events at the Warlords with a view to driving both attendance and membership.

Finally, I got two games in down at the Warlords. The first was against a new member Chris's Thousand Sons. We tried out a Maelstrom mission from the book and it ended in a tight 13-12 win to Chris. I then played John's AdMech andthough the scores were tied when we called it, I believe it would be again a narrow win to John. That means my Emperor's Children are currently 2-4 for the year.


  1. What was the terrain you bought Pete?

  2. That was a brutal alpha strike, 2 units of obliterators a unit of warp talons and a sorcerer all dropping in turn 1.