Sunday, January 23, 2022

Hobby - Flagellant Unit

 As noted here a couple of weeks ago, I have no real active projects I am working on at the moment. However felt like I should have something on the painting desk so dipped into various cases of shame and pulled out 20 old metal Flagellant figures. 

These were a unit I was going to add to my WHFB Empire army but know...the Old World was destroyed. As a result the figures got chucked into a box.

Last week I started painting the figures and here is my finished unit:

There are a limited number of sculpts (about 6-7) so you get some repetition across the unit.

I was trying to achieve the "Mad Medieval German Zealot" look so they are painted in pretty drab colours - tans, beiges, browns and khakis.

They have been based on a pretty bland gravel and grass (Woodland Scenics Burnt Umbre Fine Turf). This matches what the rest of the army is on. I thought about multibasing but I'm hedging my bets on what happens with "The Old World" and these being tabbed metals.

The plan is that these will form the start of some kind of Brothermark/Kingdoms of Men forces.

Really happy with the unit given it is 3-4 evenings work.