Saturday, January 1, 2022

Hobby - Sam the Three-Toed Sloth (KoW)

 Continuing with getting my Varangur updated for the table, I have been working on my second Lord on Frostfang.

This, again, will be a proxy and for the Lord I am using the armoured three-toed sloth from Mierce. This was another of the stash I had in my box labelled "Maelstrom Demise".

The resin model is about 4" high with armoured pauldrons and mask. 

Tried to go with a blackened bone on all tusks and talons, while the metal have had a wash od AK's Streaking Grime.

He's mounted on a 50mm square base that uses bark chips as rock. Just waiting for the holidays to finish so I can pick up some tufts to round off the bases.

The last units I need for my Varangur are two regiments of Snow Foxes. For these I am using resin wolves I found surplus. They are currently about half way through being painted and have just been based so i can finish them off.

"Sam & the Snow Foxes" sounds like a really shit 90's boy band.

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