Friday, December 31, 2021

KOW - 2000 Point Varangur List for upcoming games

 Towards the end of v2 KoW, I built a Varangur list out of my WHFB Hordes of Chaos figures. It had Fallen units from Mortals, Daemons and Beasts as well as a mix of various mounted units.

Coming back there were undoubtedly some changes to the army, and while I couldn't find my old list, I was able shoehorn most units into what I hope will be workable.

Here's what I have come up with:

  • Fallen Horde - Pipes of Terror
  • Fallen Horde - Staying Stone
  • Mounted Sons of Korgan Regiment - Helm of the Drunken Ram; Brutal
  • Mounted Horse Raider Troop
  • Mounted Horse Raider Troop
  • Frostfang Cavalry Horde - Brew of Sharpness
  • Snow Fox Regiment
  • Snow Fox Regiment
  • Magos - Mount; Conjuror's Staff, Bane Chant(2)
  • Lord on Frostfang - Blade of Slashing; Snow Fox
  • Lord on Frostfang - Mace of Crushing; Snow Fox
Army is very mobile and splits into self-supporting battle groups rather easily. It has a low number of drops (11) and also is towards the low end of comfort re Unit Strength.

I've just finished basing the Snow Foxes and the two Lords.

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