Wednesday, December 8, 2021

KOW - Mutant Rat Fiend Crew

 Had the opportunity to paint up the crew for my Mutant Rat Fiend. These were two of the 3D resin printed rats from Jack.

The crew I chose are different from the ones that come with the model but I think suit both the MRF and the rest of my army.

One has two hammers and I like to think of him as a drummer smashing the barrels on the Fiend's back, while the other is some sort of priest, carrying a scythe and his head in a cage. 

Striking models and it gives my Ratkin more of their own unique flavour.

The army is due to get a run again this evening. In its first outing the Mutant Rat Fiend managed to kill a Winged Unicorn......imagine what it will do with crew!!

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